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Platforma: Steam

Region: Global

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SKU: G-10000171483001 Kategorie: , Tagi: , is a fast-paced top-down multiplayer shooter with many exciting PVP and Co-op game modes. Select from a range of different weapons, abilities and characters, fight with other players online.

  • Fast-paced online action! 
  • Secure dedicated server
  • Many game modes such as Infection, Team CTF, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and more!
  • Constantly adding new weapons with new game mechanics, such as machine guns, shotguns, rifles, many types of laser weapons, heal guns, sniper rifles, and many other weapons.
  • Lots of active players around the world. Super easy to find a fun match.
  • Steam players will have unique colored name in the game (cosmetics only). 
  • Also Steam players will get 20 gems to purchase 20 fully leveled slayers!

Wymagania minimalne:

Procesor: Intel Core 2 Duo E5200

Grafika: GeForce 9800GTX+ (1GB)

Pamięć: 4 GB RAM

Dysk: 300 MB available space

System: Windows 7 and above

Wymagania zalecane:

Procesor: Intel Core i5

Grafika: GeForce GTX 560

Pamięć: 8 GB RAM

Dysk: 300 MB available space

System: Windows 7 or 10, 64bit

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