Port Royale 2 Steam Key GLOBAL

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Platforma: Steam

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The Caribbean in the 17th Century – Trade with over 60 towns, create your own production facilities, expand your trading empire and influence the development of the New World. 

As pirates and military fleets threaten your trade convoys, you’ll need escort ships. Or you can turn the tides and hunt for pirates and capture the military ships yourself. Take on missions for merchants, diplomats and other characters. By taking on the daring missions of the Vice Kings, where you are to attack and conquer enemy towns, you will be able to influence the defenses of your home towns directly. As a sign of gratitude you will be awarded land, to be used later to build and oversee your own towns.  

Wymagania minimalne:

Procesor: 700 MHz - AMD / Intel

Grafika: DirectX-8

Pamięć: 128 MB RAM

Dysk: 700 MB HD

System: Windows XP / Vista

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