Graviteam Tactics: Shield of the Prophet Key Steam GLOBAL

Typ produktu: Klucz cyfrowy

Platforma: Steam

Region: Global

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In the „Shield of the Prophet” DLC, you can become an active participant in the alternative history of the Soviet invasion into Afghanistan in 1979.

The premise is as follows:

Iran’s leadership is beginning to develop a plan of „exporting the Islamic revolution” in Afghanistan.Taking advantage of the weakness of the central government of Afghanistan and the favorable geopolitical situation, in June 1979, Iran began a full-scale military invasion into the border provinces of Afghanistan.

In response, the Soviet Union began mobilizing the armed forces in Afghanistan, in order to prevent the overthrow of the pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan.
The war begins between Iran and the Soviet Union for the control of Afghanistan …

Wymagania minimalne:

Procesor: AMD Athlon x2 4200+ / Intel Pentium D 3GHz

Grafika: 256 MB VRAM / ATI Radeon x1600 256MB / Vidia GeForce 7600

Pamięć: 1 GB RAM

Dysk: 3 GB

System: Windows XP SP2

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