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There is only one thing required from you in DUSK gameplay – kill everything!

The main aim of DUSK is to reintroduce you to the genre of FPS games from the 90s. If you remember titles like Blood, Doom, Hexen, Heretic or Quake, then you’re going to feel like home. There is an evil cult, which (judging by the first level) kidnapped you and thrown you into dungeons. It was their greatest mistake. You were able to run away from your cell and now you have only one thing in mind. Kill them all! The campaign itself is divided into three long episodes (33 levels in total) during which you’re going to visit various areas like a forest, laboratory, military complex and even the city of Dusk itself. You’re going to battle against cultists, possessed soldiers and militants then finally, dark cultists will be your enemy. Constant action is waiting for you.

Huge amount of weapons for you to choose from

A proper action-packed FPS cannot be good without a huge amount of weapons, which you can use to annihilate your enemies. In Dusk you’re going to find a really badass weaponry. You have sickles, magic swords, pistols, shotguns, super shotgun, assault rifle, hunting rifle, crossbow, mortar, riveter (a weird rocket launcher), and cigar (just don’t ask). All of these things (besides cigar) can be used to obliterate many enemies, you’re going to meet along the way. What are you waiting for then? Grab your pistol or other weapon and show cultists that coming to Dusk was their biggest mistake. Destroy them!

An Endless Survival Mode

If you’re seeking for a really interesting and brutal challenge then the Endless Survival Mode is for you. If you get through the story mode easily and such games like Doom or Blood are child’s play for you, then try this mode. You’re going to be surprised with the sheer amount of action. Waves after waves of enemies are going to attack you. Your only task here is simply to survive for as long as possible. It is not going to be as easy as you might think. Enemies are powerful and they’ll do anything to kill you. Grab your shotgun and get ready to rumble.

Online matches

In DUSK you can participate in online battles against other players. Classic modes like deathmatch are waiting for you. The battle is going to be fast, interesting and full of blood and gore. Are you ready to stand against your friends? The battle is sure going to be really interesting.

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